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🦄 Unicorner Startup of the Week: Jarvo

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It’s an interesting time for remote work. Just three days ago, OpenAI’s Sam Altman slammed the notion of working from home as an ‘experiment’ that was a mistake. But many don’t seem to think so, including Jarvo CEO Daniel Hillman.

Let's settle this:

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Today's deep dive is written by Alex Azilazian, a continuing contributor and a student at UCLA studying political science. He enjoys discussing topics such as law, politics, and business. Connect with him and share your thoughts!

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Move your HQ to the cloud

Jarvo is a virtual coworking platform created with the intent to transfer the feelings of in-person collaborative interactions between professionals to a hybrid/virtual environment through a Cloud HQ. The product can be thought of as a spontaneous Zoom meeting, where people can drop in/out of meetings whenever they please, without any formality or scheduling.

🔗 Check it out: jarvo.io


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💰 Business Model

The company sells its online services to customers for £30/month—about $38 a month—as a subscription service. Customers are typically freelancers who are working on startups and businesses.

📈 Traction and Fundraising

  • Raised $300,000+ through equity crowdfunding

  • Pivoted in late 2022 from being an “Airbnb for work” (originally allowing homeowners and others with unused spaces to rent out their locations as coworking offices) to a fully remote solution

👫 Founders

  • Daniel Hillman, CEO: Previously Founder @ Hillnic Group, Founder @ Resi Solutions, Development Manager @ Heritage Design and Development, Founder @ Hillman London, Designer @ Candy & Candy, 3D Design Bachelor’s @ University of Reading

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🔮 Our Analysis

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has been on the rise across the world. People began to work out of their homes, physically isolated from their colleagues and other business relationships. Recent studies conducted at Harvard show that 36% of adults in America have reported feelings of loneliness and isolation amidst the pandemic. At the same time, a big criticism of remote work is that it does not have the fluidity and warmth that can be found in person.

Jarvo offers a creative approach to solving this problem—one that mixes the aspects of in-person collaboration with the accessibility of remote work. Jarvo founder and CEO Daniel Hillman aimed at creating a virtual space where people from across the world could get together, bounce ideas off one another, share resources, and collaborate with other professionals—all without leaving the comfort of their homes. Because Jarvo exists on your desktop and enables people to hop quickly in and out of meetings, it simulates the spontaneous collaboration of a real office. However, this idea can be extended to offer benefits that exceed the expectations of in-person collaboration, such as allowing any professional to "visit" your office. Given the large number of people in remote work for the foreseeable future, Jarvo is positioned to have a successful future with its unique approach.

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Written by Alex Azilazian

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