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Healthcare can be complicated. We rightfully associate it with huge costs and, often, headaches from the aftermath.

The truth is that a lot of healthcare problems arise from reactive care—a care style that involves seeking care once symptoms have progressed. When you apply that style of care to more vulnerable communities (for example, the elderly or disabled), it can sometimes be as serious as life or death.

Lilli is an interesting use case of AI in the quest to tackle proactive care. By realizing right when someone might be at risk and immediately taking action, lives can be saved, and healthcare headaches subside.

- Arek and Ethan 🦄

AI-powered proactive care

Lilli is building an AI-powered system of smart, non-intrusive, remote monitoring of those in need. The company’s proprietary AI solution works by detecting abnormalities in behavior, attempting to proactively identify risks. By introducing this proactive model (as opposed to a reactive model), combined with its remote monitoring approach, Lilli is hoping to revolutionize social care.

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💰 Business Model

The company operates with a B2B model, securing contracts across the public and private healthcare sectors.

📈 Traction and Fundraising

  • Raised second oversubscribed Series A round of £8.2 million led by West Hill Capital, following an oversubscribed Pre Series A round in 2021

  • Deployed a pilot program tracking home appliance use in late 2021

  • Awarded Best Use of Data at HTN awards in 2022

👫 Executive Team

  • Gren Paull, CEO: Prev. COO @ Visionable Global, COO @ IPG Global, Sales @ Pockit

  • Nick Weston, Chief Commercial Officer: Prev. Sales & Partnerships @ O2 (merged with Virgin Media), Partnerships @ Simplyhealth

  • Fiona Brown, Chief Care Officer: Curr. Director @ Age UK; Prev. Integrated Care @ Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

  • Sameer Vartak, CTO: Prev. CTO @ Limejump, CTO @ Pockit, Engineering @ WorldRemit

  • Kelly Hudson, Chief Strategy Officer

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🔮 Our Analysis

When many of us think about healthcare, we think about reactive care—the kind that starts with us pretty sick or hurt, and needing medical attention. Lilli's unique approach focuses on shifting from reactive to proactive care, utilizing smart, non-intrusive technology and AI-driven insights. Its tech observes patterns and trends among users, equipping care workers with clear, accurate insights into well-being and home conditions. It’s this proactive model that, per Lilli, improves health outcomes, thus reducing hospital visits.

The setup is simple. Sensors are configured in a household that needs remote care. An individual’s daily patterns are then monitored to train Lilli’s AI. As soon as disruptions in routines are detected, alerts can be sent to caretakers and medical professionals before conditions become serious.

Lilli has already demonstrated its potential to alleviate pressures on the UK’s health and social care systems. Evidence from the cities of Nottingham and Reading shows that Lilli's system can save up to £9 for every £1 spent and expedite hospital discharge rates. 

Per CEO of Lilli, Gren Paull, the company’s Series A funding will be used to further its mission of bringing remote monitoring benefits to more people, focusing on enabling individuals to live safely and independently for longer.

By 2035, Lilli estimates they could deliver benefits equivalent to employing an additional 10,000 full-time carers. In our opinion, given the current state of technology and the company’s recent funding, Lilli is poised to scale its operations across the healthcare sector, both in the UK and internationally.

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