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Put your idle cash to work

Meow helps companies put their company cash to work, by earning an extra yield from offering access to US treasuries and high-yield business checking accounts. Meow wants to be the “Costco for Financial Services” by providing the most valuable solution it can at the lowest possible cost to the customer. Meow currently offers 4.31% interest on its high-interest checking account for customers.

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💰 Business Model

Meow takes a percentage cut from the interest received on a company’s deposited funds.

📈 Traction and Fundraising

  • Raised $22 million Series A round with investors like QED Investors, Tiger Global Management, and Coinbase Ventures

  • $1 billion in assets with hundreds of customers including Aleo, Braintrust, and Circle

👫 Founders

  • Brandon Arvanaghi, CEO: Previously Security Engineer @ Gemini, Security Consultant @ Mandiant

  • Bryce Crawford, CTO: Previously Senior Software Engineer @ Facebook, Senior Software Engineer @ Gemini, Computer Science BS @ Vanderbilt University

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🔮 Our Analysis

The financial services industry is filled with sneaky fees, small fine print, and ambiguous offers. The legacy bank model has banks take their customers’ checking account funds and loan this out to earn interest. With inflation hovering at approximately 10%, government interest rates rising (while banks decide to keep interest rates low on checking accounts), and confidence at traditional banks at an all-time low, many companies are looking for alternatives to store their funds. After all, companies need liquid funds to pay vendors and their employees.

Meow offers a solution for companies, allowing them to deposit their funds and earn up to around 5% on U.S. Treasury Bills and up to 4.31% on a high-interest checking account eligible for FDIC insurance. By offering a comprehensive suite of treasury management and payment products, Meow hopes to be the one-stop shop for treasury management and corporate finance.

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Written by Fahim Sachedina

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