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🦄 Unicorner Startup of the Week: MRGN

✍️ Notes from the Editors

Today, we’re here with a FinTech company tackling the world of administrative finance! We first met MRGN founder Yoni Rubin in March. After just a few calls, we were impressed by the direction and mission of his company. We’re excited to finally bring this cover to you today (written by Unicorner contributor and UCLA student Alex Azilazian).

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Your COO, CMO, and CFO—all in one

MRGN is a software platform aimed at offering small-, medium-, and large-scale businesses actionable insights to carry out administrative duties like budgeting, hiring, funding strategies, and more. For example, users can directly see how a financial decision might affect the company based on their industry’s norms. The service will soon offer users notifications for potential partnerships with accounting, law, and marketing firms, after which users could choose to hire for their business, should they choose to contact them and start their own partnership with the firm.

🔗 Check it out:

💰 Business Model

The company sells online services to small-, moderate-, and large-scale businesses. The three pricing tiers include Starter for $29 per month, Business for $89 per month, and Growth for $189 per month. The company offers a free trial for new users who are looking to scale their business but lack the resources to do so.

📈 Traction and Fundraising

  • Raised $250,000 pre-seed from investors like DataPower Ventures

  • Over 700 small businesses on the platform

👫 Founders

  • Yoni Rubin, CEO: Currently Founding Member @ BuildTheFuture.Work; Previously Vice President of Business Operations and Compliance @ Pypestream, Director of Business Operations @ Thirstie, Persuasive Communications and Marketing Bachelors @ Reichman University.

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🔮 Our Analysis

Oftentimes, it can be rather difficult for new businesses to truly focus on the administrative tasks of the business while trying to launch. Yet, founder and CEO Yoni Rubin explains that this is one of the most important aspects — if not the most important — that all businesses should focus on. “Administration ignored now will cause trouble later down the road,” explains Yoni. Thus, in the spirit of helping young businesses get on their feet and grow, Rubin launched MRGN, through which he offers a new approach to solving this problem.

Through MRGN, young businesses now have the resources and facilities to have complex quantitative graphs broken down, hiring and marketing decisions made easier through the use of statistics, and financial complexities simplified into plain English. Users can simulate scenarios that depict how certain decisions might affect their company’s cash flow. In addition, the MRGN team also plans on introducing hyper-relevant advertising for potential partnerships with service-based firms it feels the business could benefit from. Given the increasing prevalence of AI-powered companies, MRGN is positioned ahead of the curve. If you’re interested in this space, stay tuned, as we'll soon continue exploring the world of FinTech.

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Written by Alex Azilazian

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