Piction Health

Expert dermatology care without the wait

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Piction Health

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Expert dermatology care without the wait

Piction Health wants to make dermatology services more accessible. To get started, a prospective patient fills out an intake form (no referral required), along with some photos of their skin, hair, or nail concerns. A doctor is assigned shortly after the form’s completion, and a diagnosis and personalized care is virtually sent back to the patient within 48 hours. In some cases, there’s an option to get continued care for more chronic conditions.

🔗 Check it out: pictionhealth.com

💰 Business Model

Patients pay a one-time fee per consult or use their health insurance or HSA card. If paying directly, new patients can get a diagnosis and treatment for $119. Otherwise, popular insurance providers like Anthem, United Healthcare, or Aetna can be used.

📈 Traction and Fundraising

  • Raised total $6 million seed funding from investors like Flare Capital, Techstars, Argon Ventures and Good Growth

  • Started seeing patients last year and has served thousands of patients in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Florida

👫 Founders

  • Susan Conover, CEO: Previously Management Consulting @ Oliver Wyman, System Design and Management MS @ MIT, Mechanical Engineering BS @ UT Austin

  • Pranav Kuber, CTO: Previously SWE @ ByteLight, SWE @ Intel, CS MS @ Georgia Tech, Computer Engineering BS @ COEP Technological University

📖 Founder Story

Piction Health is a company founded with intention. The company’s founder and CEO, Susan Conover, was diagnosed with melanoma at the age of 22. After being told it would take her 3 months to be seen by a dermatologist, she was treated by her primary care physician, which may have saved her life. It was this experience that gave her the drive to found Piction Health and democratize access to dermatology, leading the company from a melanoma diagnosis app to where it is today.

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🔮 Our Analysis

Telehealth is not a new concept—but Piction Health is delivering telehealth with a strong focus on its niche of dermatology. The company utilizes an AI solution, trained on a database of 750,000 photos of skin conditions, to provide diagnoses and treatment plans to prospective patients who upload pictures of their skin condition. Its goal is accessibility—both in terms of reducing AI bias by including pictures of differing age groups, skin tones, and body parts in its database, and by getting patients treatment in 48 hours, a far cry from the typical 3-9 months it can take with traditional care. The company is also able to provide dermatologists and prescriptions to these patients. 

Being able to offer these features is impressive in and of itself; however, what really makes this impressive is Piction’s ability to optimize its offering to be a streamlined and focused solution. By honing in on dermatology, it can really focus on building solutions that provide the best possible care for these patients. If the company is able to capture this market, which it seems well-positioned to do with its traction and strong founder story, the ceiling for where it can go is limitless.

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