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🦄 Unicorner Startup of the Week: Setpoint

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Stripe for credit

Setpoint is providing an operating system for loans (with a current emphasis on real estate transactions). The company’s platform incorporates features such as automated funding calculations, document verification, portfolio management, and property valuations. Setpoint aspires to expand its offerings in the future beyond real estate to other forms of asset-backed transactions to become the Stripe for credit.

🔗 Check it out:

💰 Business Model

Setpoint sells as a subscription service to customers interested in buying real estate.

📈 Traction and Fundraising

  • Raised $43 million Series A round from investors including a16z, Vesta Ventures, NextView Ventures, LiveOakVenture Partners, Fifth Wall, Capital Factory, ATX Venture Partners, 645 Ventures, Spencer Rascoff, Henry Kravis

  • Customers include Opendoor, Flyhomes, and Wander

  • $2 billion of home transactions funded and served over 40 states

  • Recently announced its acquisition of Resolute Diligence Solutions, a due diligence provider focused on Single Family Rental and Residential Transition Loans

👫 Founders

  • Stuart Wall, CEO: Currently Venture Partner @ Bowery Capital; Previously Founder and CEO @ Signpost, MBA @ Harvard, French, Finance, and Entrepreneurship @ Miami University

  • Ben Rubenstein, President: Previously CRO @, Co-Founder and CEO @ Opcity, Co-Founder @ Yodle, Diplomatic History, Latin American Studies and International Relations @ UPenn

  • Michael Lam, Chief Investment Officer: Previously COO @, Co-Founder and CFO & Head of Analytics @ Opcity, President and Co-Founder @ Pendleton International Corp, Finance @ UPenn

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🔮 Our Analysis

Setpoint is aiming to revolutionize the way credit is managed. Its platform—initially designed to support real estate transactions—helps lenders and borrowers expedite asset-backed transactions (think loans for homes and cars). In its words, it wants to make loan transactions instant, automated, and error-free. The company is accomplishing this by bringing all the tools and resources needed into Setpoint’s “single source of truth,” its platform equipped with due diligence, calculation, and monitoring services.

The flow of a transaction could look like the following: someone or a company (like Opendoor) might be interested in purchasing a house. After submitting the cash offer, Setpoint collects collateral verification from the buyer. The verification is reviewed by Setpoint’s third-party agents, and once confirmed, a funding request can be submitted. Throughout the process, the status of the financing stays updated on Setpoint’s platform. There’s no need to leave the service at any point, making it very convenient for everyone involved.

Setpoint’s plan to operate with asset-backed transactions outside real estate hasn’t been widely publicized. However, given its existing solutions, Setpoint can definitely impact the loan space at large in a meaningful way.

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